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Windows 8 Streamline UEFI Over The BIOS

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Windows 8 streamline UEFI

Every time you boot up your computer there is what it's called a BIOS present,Basic Input Output System, that is the black and white fonts you see when you first start up your system,basically gives the profile of all the working hardware in your computer,you can even configure it,change hardware settings, it also tells you if your hardware is behaving correctly.With that said,the problem with the BIOS is the technology is very old,almost 2 generation (35 years and counting),the technology has run its course and hard to decipher.

This is the new UEFI interface that motherboard vendors are going with today

 Many motherboard vendors decided to go with a new technology one that even the casual computer user can understand,and that is the UEFI,the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface which is similar to the current BIOS system you'll find in most computers today,except its more colorful and cool looking. Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will shift from the standard old BIOS system to the UEFI setup,along with giving Windows users an attractive high resolution logo and a graphical menu to gaze at while your system is powering up.The new menu setup will allow computer users to boot a different disc,OS or USB drive using graphical pictures and word prompts.If you're a casual computer user and feel that I'm speaking another language that you don't understand,just look at the images above and below.

This is the current BIOS setup you'll find in most computers today,notice how unappealing it is.

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