Saturday Night Special: $3.99 Amazon movie rentals

File-it-Under: Recession deals!~
By:D.F.Skinner !~

I know exactly what you're saying,this is lame right? but with so many pissed off NetFlix subscribers that jumped off the red envelope bandwagon,why not go with the alternative that is reasonably cheap in price and that's Amazon movie stream.All that's need is a simple ole Amazon account,that's it,you get a wide array of movie choices.Unlike Netflix where their stream only content is a absolute joke,Amazon has an up to date movie library.Each movie rental are between the prices of $2.99 -$3.99 and there is no present of a monthly fee or worst,sudden changes to their system like you know who.

Quick Update: To watch movies or shall I say stream movies on your computer,you need to download Amazons Unbox media player app which is available on Amazon's website and free.