Twitter Trend of the Week: #FaceBook

File-It-Under: Tweeted Trends!~
By: D.F.Skinner !~

You think? I mean this is a easy one,if you been living under a bolder for the past week you should know that FaceBook implemented some drastic changes to their social networking platform.So you be might asking what might be the problem,I mean change is good,right? Well no,endless amount of backlash on twitter basically killing the new feature changes on FaceBook,tweets stating "#Is this the next MySpace fail " ,to # "do I need a GPS to get around these features.The crazy thing is those were rather mild tweeted criticism of FaceBook's new features,there were some tweets that was down right nasty,so nasty I simply can't repeat it on this post.We can go on and on about the confusing features that's within Facebook but that would require a whole new blog post.Stay tune for a entry on this subject coming at a blog post near you.