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The Antec Solo II Computer Chassis (Computer Case)

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By: D.F.Skinner !~

The Antec SOLO II is a system builders dream,it has all the additives you need in a computer chassis ( computer case) and then some. A nice simple squared off  glossy black design that has lots of internal room inside this chassis.Antec is no strangers to the chassis game,in 2006 Antec released its first line of SOLO chassis,the past version of the SOLO is similar to the current SOLO II except it has a very interesting distinctive all chrome design,if you look at the current SOLO II,they pretty much stuck to its shiny external finish.Fast forward to today,Antec stepped up its game with the SOLO II addressing the need to infuse "Quiet" computing into its product with an abundance of noise reducing features.Other notable features to the SOLO II is tools aren't needed ( tool-less) when installing certain components within the case,such as the hard drive,all that's needed is to just slide the drives into the bays and lock and load.When you open the case once again there is no need to use any tools,just simply press the retention button and open the side of the case in a door like fashion.

Notable specs goes as follows,the SOLO II supports the standard ATX,microATX,Mini-ATX motherboard,it has a 2 x 5.25 inch DVD/CD drive bay,3 x 3.35 inch drive bay using tray mounts,2 x 3.5 inch with an suspension mounting system ( the suspending mounts helps reduce vibrating sound coming from your hard drive), 1 rear 120 mm TrueQuiet exhaust fan with a standard 2 speed switch,an optional 2 front 120 mm intake fan (this cools the hard drives that's mounted in the drive bays),the chassis supports 7 expansion slots and has enough room to hold a 15 inch graphic card.On the front panel the output ports are aligned in a nice vertical pattern,you have 2 x USB 3.0 and 2 x USB 2.0, a Audio in/out jack.

This looks like a well constructed computer case,its perfect for builders who are looking for computer chassis that's engineered towards reducing sound coming from your hardware.Probably the only draw back with this computer case is the glossy exterior which has a tendency to attract a lot of finger prints.

Credit source and images: PCperspective and Antec

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