Toshiba's All-inOne 23 inch multi-touch

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By: D.F.Skinner !~

Toshiba makes everything you can imagine that is technology related,from computers,laptops to TV's and cameras.When you venture into the all-in-one computer business, it needs a quick mention on this website.Toshiba this week introduce a new 23 inch DX735 multi-touch model that will boast a 1080p panel,a aluminum pedestal stand, and did I also just mention a 1080p multi-touch display? which of course we all know that multi-touch all-in-one computers are certainly not the first of its kind on the market,but 1080p most certainly has gotten my attention to the point of  mentioning it twice.Other goodies that comes with this all-in-one is a matching Bluetooth wireless keyboard with a 10-key keypad.The DX735 also includes a glossy black Bluetooth wireless mouse,there's a HDMI video input, there will be no presence of just plain ole ordinary Joe Smoe speakers for sound,the DX735 will come fitted with Onokyo stereo speakers.

In terms of hardware,the DX735 will include 4GB of DDR3 memory, 1TB 7200RPM hard drive,one USB 3.0 port,four USB 2.0 ports , a built-in DVD SuperMulti Drive and a optional TV tuner.The Toshiba DX735 will be available for sell at a price that starts at $956.99,will be available on October 2, 2011 at all Best Buy stores nationwide and at multi-touch will certainly prove worthy once Microsoft releases Windows 8 in 2012.