RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

File-It-Under: Paying Tribute!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

I'm going to sum everything up in this entry without doing a big tribute,as you know Steve Jobs,the visionary,the dedicated genius passed away yesterday.All the blogs and tech websites,even the social media circuit all had their say and tribute to Steve Jobs.Here's my tribute to Steve Jobs and what his impact has done for me.

Back in 2001 I was on my way to work carrying a over size CD player which at that time was the happening technology.As I'm getting on the train listening to my CD player I notice a guy on the train listening to a compact square device which at that time was the first generation iPod,in fact,in 2001 was the debut of the iPod.I must have starred at the guy listening to his iPod in shock like ," wtf is that thing" ,so I walked over to he guy an ask him "what is that" he told me it was a iPod,I was in awe,literally had the look on my face like I just saw an alien.The man on the train told me you had to have a Mac to sync all songs to the iPod,which at that time the iPod was Mac compatible only.

Fast forward to a week later I had visited a local Electronics chain ( Circuit City) that sold Macs,I viewed the computer and saw an application which was iTunes,I must have stayed in the store for a good hour messing around with the Mac computer,which was the first generation iMac.

Seeing all this made me really want a computer real bad,so bad,I would have done anything to get my hands on one.Fast forward to a year later,Feb 2002 was the year I finally got my very first computer,it wasn't a Apple computer,it was a Windows Me machine.I just didn't want a computer just have it,I wanted to break the machine apart and know everything about the computer,from the processor to the nuts,bolts and screws,I wanted to know, period.So that's when I started buying books,computer magazines,doing intense research etc.In 2003 is when I had the nerve to build my first computer,since then I've built 4 computers and counting.

Today I'm working hard to start my own Computer repair service,all because I saw that guy on the train with the iPod.Now I didn't get my first Apple product until 2004,that's when I purchase my first iPod,which was a iPod nano.What the iPod nano and iTunes did was made my CD player obsolete,to this day I literally don't know what a CD player look like.

Steve Jobs and his innovation has impacted many,whether you'er a fan of Apple or not,I'm sure you and  everyone on this planet purchased some form of Apple device that you are either listening to or carrying it around in your knapsack.

Steve Jobs,I salute you,you will certainly be missed...........