The iOS 5 review

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

The iOS 5 is in its third day from release,which gave me enough time to play around with the famed mobile OS constructed by Apple.I must make this exceedingly clear,I'm in no way here to bash the OS,though I have the right offer constructive criticism.As you well know Apple's iOS platform is into its 5th edition since its 2007 release,to me arguably the most polished out of all the mobile platforms that have graced the the market,iOS 5 certainly doesn't disappoint in that department,yes some will say Android may have it beat when it comes down to innovative features,we'll touch on that a little bit later,but for me its iOS all the way.

I don't want to spend the entire time breaking down every aspect of iOS 5,I'm basing this whole review on my user experience.Which leads me to (dramatic intro to the opening review)........

The Installation 
Upgrading to iOS 5 is bit tedious and slow,it took me a little bit over 30 mins tops on both the iPad and iPhone.The process in itself is fairly simple,just sync your device to that latest iTunes,which is 10.5 and begin the installation.I must forewarn though you must backup all of your content, be it music files and purchased apps.Once you proceed with the iOS 5 installation without backing up,all of your music files and purchased apps will be erased.Now you are given a warning and option to backup all of your content before installation.

First time iPhone users might think that slide down Notification feature in iOS 5 is a innovative feature that was created by Apple,which most know is further from the truth.The Notification feature has been a main staple on the Android platform for a couple of years now. Nonetheless,its a welcome feature that iPhone owners have been craving since iPhone 3G.On the iOS 5 the Notification feature behaves beautifully,flawless/ effectiveness and very responsive.Though I myself have dealt with pull down Notification feature on the Jailbreak devices (iPhone),seeing it on the iOS 5 is most certainly a welcome site.


This feature in iOS 5 is a absolute beast,its just to bad this feature is only on the iPhone4S. Since I don't have a iPhone4S ( and refuse to get it for various reasons) I can't tell you much about this feature,other than demos I've seen on Youtube. But from what I've seen though this is probably the best feature on the iOS 5 platform.I mean this is what everyone including myself have been craving for,the perfect voice command application that doesn't actually suck.


Probably the underdog feature in iOS 5,this feature is basically made for the iPad,though it can also be used on the iPhone.Newsstand is basically a digital magazine store where you download magazines and newspapers ( The NYtimes and WSJ for an example) from the iTunes app store.What would really put this feature in the "Beast" category is of course more downloadable content.

One of my favorite features in iOS5,but also was the hardest to figure out.At first,I was under the impression that with iMessage you can send text messages out to any device,which sadly is not the case.Actually how iMessage works is when you send text to anyone who has a Apple mobile device,the iMessage kicks in,if you are sending text message to a Android device user,the feature switches back over to text message,this is suppose to save money on text messaging fees.Basically the iMessage allows you to send text message between any iOS device,think of it as the iChat of Apple mobile devices.


I'm going to be totally honest with you,I've had my biggest doubts with iCloud,and at first the doubting grew with each frustration when I couldn't authenticate to my Apple account,which seem to have been a wide spread problem for the past couple of days with many Apple account holders.Once I got it working I can see how this can be useful,but,and there's a big BUT here, lets be honest,if you are a loyal DropBox user like myself then I see no need for iCloud,in fact there is a DropBox app for both the iPhone and iPad that's free.The iCloud feature pretty much is setup just like Dropbox you sync all of your app,pictures music files to the cloud,Dropbox even offers the same free 5GB storage to start.

There are a lot of other features I didn't mention in this review,like the updated camera and photo app,Twitter integration and host of others.Like I said I wanted to keep this review somewhat brief and to the point,I will do a part 2 of my review in the coming days where I will mention other features.Overall,iOS 5 wasn't a total upgrade to the mobile OS architecture, to me it was more of a feature upgrade.Being a person who has mingled with Android and messed around with Windows 7 phone,I gotta say the iOS 5 is probably the most polished mobile OS on the market,case close.Clearly the best iOS platform to date.