Breakthrough Infuses Table Salt with Hard Drives

File-It-Under: Hardware Innovation!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

One would use common table salt on foods for basic seasoning,even against the advice of your doctor,but salt in hard drives? yes,let me explain it all.

It seems very insane but here goes,Dr.Joel Yang from the  Institute of Materials Research and Engineering research institute of Singapore's Agency of Science are collaborating with National University of Singapore and the Data Institute,has come up with a way to increase the hard drives capacity by using sodium chloride,which of course is the chemical makeup of good ole table salt,when I read this my first initial thought was is this a joke,apparently its not, the whole technology and science behind this is rather fascinating.

The collaborated team would use an extremely high resolution e-beam lithography process that will produce a very fine nano size structure.The density of the hard drive would increase to 3.3 Terabit/inch,meaning that it would be possible to construct hard drive platters that would offer 6TB of storage. Conventional hard drives that's likely present in your system use a random distributed nanoscopic magnetic grain that holds up to 0.5 Terabits/ inch.Confuse,I know you are,basically with this form of technology you can construct a hard drive with bigger storage,possibly up to 18TB on one hard drive in theory.

Now this all still in the testing stage and we probably won't see a prototype no time soon maybe next year or later.