Corsair HX1050 Pro Series Power Supply

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

As I stated a while back the power supply is the most important component in your computer but also the least focused,admittedly I don't always profile power supply's on this site.When I run across a good one though it gets its shine,the Corsair HX1050 Pro gets it well deserved shine.Corsair is known to make quality line of products from power supplies,memory,cases,SSDs and other accessories that's market for system builders,the HX1050 Corsair Pro Series power supply adds to the list of continued high quality product.

The HX1050 Pro features a premium high quality component,an energy efficient rating of 80 Plus Silver certified ( the highest rating is 80 plus platinum).The power supply also runs very quiet,standard in all high grade quality power supply's.This power supply unit runs at 1050 watts of power,they don't call it the Pro series for nothing.This is certainly not not for system builders who is just looking to put together a computer just for Internet surfing,this is for serious system builders looking to build high end gaming machines or,computers that run resource intense software or workstation.Power supply's of this magnitude isn't cheap,the price range from $200-$230 depending on what website has it cheaper,most of the known websites such as Amazon,Best Buy and New Egg have it priced around $230.Here's a list of the power supply's specification.

Specific Key Features

  • 1,050 Watts of power
  • ATX 12V V2.2 and ESP 2.91 standard
  • 80 PLUS Silver certified
  • Single +12V rail design provides up to 87.5A
  • Low noise 140mm double ball-bearing fan offers excellent airflow
  • 7-Year warranty and lifetime access