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iPod founders reveals the Nest Thermostat

File-It-Under: Thermostat Technology!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

At first I didn't find this interesting at all,Thermostat technology I admit is not something that owe me with impression.When I think of Thermostats,I think of a temperature control device that I dread trying to set right before the the upcoming Winter months.Thermostats aren't the easiest mechanisms to setup,often requiring some HVAC technician to walk you through the process.While browsing on the Internet looking for a topic for my post on this site,I stumbled upon several sites that headline how two former Apple employees have developed the next big thing in Thermostat technology,it of course caught my attention.

Now if you're trying to figure out the names of the former Apple employees,look no further than Tony Fadell,long time SVP of Apple's iPod division,and lead engineer Matt Rogers,their creativity and ingenuity led to the very first iPod,which of course you know changed how we listen to music.Both of these former Apple talents set out to form Nest Labs,which in turn developed the Nest Thermostat.Just like how they revolutionized the MP3 player,made it practical and cool looking,applying the same Applesque design to the Nest Thermostat.

The Nest Thermostat works like this,the device tracks the habits and routine of the home owner,which at that point adjusts the temperature accordingly,a process that takes up to about a week.

Lets say for an example you work nights (like myself) and leave your house at 6pm, return home at 7am,the device will know this and lower the temperature when no one is present.This is all made possible thanks in part to a collection of six sensors that keep tabs of temperature,ambient lighting,humidity,and motion.It even has a presence to sense when the display is about to be touched or people are walking in and out of the room.

To manually adjust the temperature on the Nest,it has a outer ring that you can rotate to lower or boost the temperature settings.The Nest Thermostat has a unique color lighting scheme that'll show red indicating the temperature is warming up,or turn blue when its cooling.

Added already to the uniqueness is the device ability to go WiFi,allowing you to adjust the Nest settings online or via iOS device (iPhone) or Android.You can even password protect you Nest so that no one will tamper with the settings.The Nest Thermostat will go on sale next month at a pretty reasonable price of $249,which is not a bad price considering you have the thermostats on the market with the same functionality but a little more expensive in the $300-$500 range.Here's the video on how the Nest Thermostat works on the bottom.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCJ1PnVlzIE]

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