My Top 5 Computer Mouse in the Game

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

Its been a while since I constructed a top 5 article so bare with me,this is something I want to incorporate weekly are daily onto the website.Today we look at my top 5 computer mouse on market.The mouse is the main staple of computing,yes we have all sorts of touch screen devices on the market, from tablets to smartphones.With that said,as long as desktop computers are in existence,I don't see the computer mouse eroding away into extinction.On the bottom is my top five computer mouses on the market.

Top 5 Computer Mouse

Cyborg's Rat 7 Adjustable Mouse
The only adjustable interchangeable mouse on the market,you can pretty much say this is an mouse that you can customize for your comfort.Voted by many publication as the best gaming mouse ever.

Apple's Magic Mouse
I put this mouse on the list based on its popularity with Mac owners,most buy it for its nice sleek design,which is a standard of all Apple products of course.Also throw in the fact that this mouse has multi-touch ability.

Microsoft Touch Mouse
The Microsoft Touch Mouse offers Windows 7 owners a with multi-touch ability,something already seen with Apple's Magic mouse.

Microsoft Arc Touch
This is  a unique mouse with a sophisticated portable design,a touch scroll that has a vibrating feedback.The BlueTrack technology allows the mouse to be used on different type of surfaces.

Logitech G9X
Another gaming mouse added to this list,the G9X has the best laser sensor on the market that's capable of achieving a 5700 DPI sensitivity.Like the RAT 7, the Logitech G9X can be customize up to 2 interchangeable grips.