Buggy Apps Headline the day iOS 5 and Gmail app

File-It-Under: Bugged out software!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

So we have two well known apps to caught the bad case of the bug that made headlines yesterday,one being the just released Gmail app for the iPhone / iPad,the other being iOS 5.Don't know where to begin,but we'll attack iOS 5 first.

This is something I notice since iOS 5 was first released a few weeks ago,that the new mobile operating system was a drain on the battery life.One thing the iPhone 4 was known for is the device ability sustain a longer battery life.Even when I'm streaming video,which is known to consume large dosage of battery power on mobile devices,it still keeps a steady power level at a reasonable percentage.Switch right over to iOS 5,there is noticeable rapid battery drain,even from using simple apps such as Twitter and Facebook.A million and one complaints later from iPhone 4s and upgraded iOS 5 users also notice the rapid drained on battery power.Now Apple gave a vague reason why battery power drained so quickly,they attributed to the notification feature in iOS 5 and iCloud document syncing. Apple stated that it will offer a fix in the coming weeks in iOS 5.1, but hold on,here's where it gets interesting,no sooner after Apple's released statement,iOS 5.1 beta appeared out of nowhere.The new iOS 5.1 beta has dropped for developers and it is said that the beta upgrade is suppose to fix the bug,in theory that is.I will drop a post soon as I get more details on iOS 5.1 beta.

Then there is long awaited,much anticipated Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad no sooner than the app released,it was snatched right off the Internet due to a bug which broke notifications and caused users to see an error message,ouch.Google stated that it is fixing the software bug and plans to release a new version very soon.