Why I hate Apple on my bad day

File-It-Under: Consumer Ranting!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

Yes I said it,I hate Apple,even though I praise the company for its innovation since I'm sort of in a bad mood,let em tell you why I'm steamed with hate.This iOS 5 with the draining of the battery power has got me,well I would like to say,kind of pissed.I'm wondering do Apple thoroughly product test their software and devices before they release it to market,I mean are we paid consumers or test subjects.

It seems like we go through this every year with Apple,upon a major release of their hyped up product,the noticeable glitch that stands out to the consumer but Apple for whatever reason seem to always miss the fatal flaw.Last year it was antenna gate,this year it's iOS 5, add to it,the OSX Lion 10.7 update mess,people having difficulties with iCloud authentication,so on and so on.

Granted,I know there are always going to be minor hiccups with software and glitches with devices,technology in whole is not godly perfect,the proverbial shit happens.Its the obvious glitches that stares directly in consumers faces that should have been caught by Apple before the release to the market,case in point,the depleting battery power with iOS 5.

A little transparency as to what's going on would help a great deal,but with Apple,they are always a little vague as to what's problematic,meaning whats the cause of the fatal flaw,( insiders close to the situation are siting problems with notification and iCloud document syncing) , and let us not forget how Apple seems to always casually down play the disastrous incidents.

To return to my mood to a good day,all I want from Apple is to thoroughly test their product and give consumers a little transparency as to what's going on,after all,we are paying consumers,aren't we? WELL AREN'T WE!