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Tools of the Trade

File-It-Under: The Technicians Tool Box!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

In this entry I want to do a little something different,I'm revealing my techies toolbox,tools I use to tweak,fix and explore devices.Remember "Tekspecz" is not about covering technology,its also about fixing and exploring technology.My goal is simple,learn every aspect of technology and spread my knowledge to the entire planet,one can't do so without he proper tools.

My technicians ToolBox
As we go into my toolbox,I lay out all the tools I have in my possesion that I use to solve computer problems and more.

Phillips screwdriver a Phillips screwdriver is a must if you are going to work on any computer,you must have this handy in your techie tool box.Almost every device whether its a computer,laptop,monitor is nailed down with Phillips screws.

Needle nose pliers I use needle nose pliers to pry loose tightly screwed in Hex screws,there are some computer cases that come with hexagonal screws.

Metal Spudger I use to pry open laptops and mobile devices

Round pointed soft bristle paint brush I use this to brush dust off of components inside of computers.Make sure the brush is soft,you don't want a hard bristle brush which can damage components.

SATA Cables I use this to test out hard drives.

USB Sticks Its always good to keep these handle especially if you want to backup clients software or backup your own software(always remember to backup your content).I also have utility software kept on the USB sticks in case I want to run a anti-virus program to get rid of a nasty viruses that might be plaguing a system.

VGA cables I use VGA cables to connect to laptops to a monitor,especially if I think the laptop display has malfunctioned

Throw in the Ethernet Cables Though you  don't see Ethernet cables in the picture(I goof up and forgot) throw these in the tool box to test Internet connection.

There are more tools I have in my techie toolbox but these are the main tools I use to tweak,fix,and solve.

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