Gigabyte Implements 3D UEFI BIOS Into X79 Motherboards

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Numerous motherboard manufacturers in the past couple of months have all phased out the ancient BIOS setup in favor for the more modern graphical interface,the UEFI BIOS ( UEFI stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) . There are of course many benefits in using this kind of BIOS setup,one being it would be a lot easier to understand where your hardware is placed,even to the not so geeked computer user,the other would be the difficulty factor when making changes in your BIOS would decrease immensely,add also the UEFI will support  booting into a large capacity hard drive.But probably the biggest advantages of using this graphic interface setup is the ability to navigate using your mouse,something you would never dream of doing in the old BIOS setup, using the dreaded up down arrow keys.What Gigabyte is doing is taking the UEFI BIOS setup to a whole new level,infusing a 3D UEFI BIOS into its X79 motherboards,that's right,you read the type correctly,3D.

The Gigabyte 3D BIOS works like this,it basically involves displaying a photo of  the user's motherboard that shows various hot-spots that display the motherboards configuration options and information when you hoover the mouse,click on certain components on the motherboard it will highlight the configuration.For an example,when hovering over and clicking on the SATA ports in the rotating photo of the motherboard,users are presented with options to set the SATA controller mode to IDE,AHCI,or RAID. You can also move your mouse over to the CPU click on the area,the user can overclock that CPU by changing the frequencies,voltage,and timing settings for the CPU or RAM.

Like I mentioned in the first paragraph,with this new shiny 3D setup will allow you to easily configure your components on your motherboard without much difficulty.You also have the option to switch over to a traditional text based approach,Gigabyte includes an advanced mode for PC enthusiasts who like to tweak every single setting.You will have the text base UI but still have the ability to use the mouse the navigate.

For a better in depth view of the 3D UEFI BIOS, check out the video on the bottom.


Quick Note: Adjusting the frequencies on a CPU basically increases the speed,I will do a whole entry in the future where I will talk about overclocking,look out for that.