Mad Catz Cyborg Programmable Gaming Mouse

File-It-Under: High end computer peripheral!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~
Entry # 58

You know when I first saw this mouse I actually thought this was a upgraded version of the Rat 7,the current adjustable mouse that's on the market.Then I realize this is a different model I was like OK,we have a new player on the adjustable mouse market,impressive enough to turn heads and catch my eye.

Aside from all the adjustable features on the Catz Cyborg,the star of the mouse is its 13 programmable buttons,modified by actions of a two-way shift button and a three-position switch,also throw in the fact that it delivers a total of 78 definable commands.There is no price point on this mouse listed on any of the tech websites,but I went on their website(Mad Catz) and it stated that a price will be in place in the coming weeks,once that happens an update will be posted on this site.