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Adobe Flash Was Doomed to Fail Anyway

File-It-Under: Adobe Flash Yeah!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~
Entry #59

I mean are we shock,shock that Adobe will discontinue Flash on mobile devices which they announced this week,I only wondered why this didn't happen a long time ago.It won't be long before we'll see the demise of the Adobe Flash on desktop computers altogether,especially with the emergence of HMTL 5 knocking right on the doors of the world wide web.Here's a little secret that all tech geeks,non tech geeks alike know about Adobe Flash,it SUCKS,I can't get any simpler than that.

This is what you need to know about Adobe Flash from a negative standpoint,the technology is old and it is a known resource hog to your computers processor,and oh yeah,throw in the fact the Flash is the most hacked software on the web,virus creators prey on Adobe Flash like Vultures to a laid out corpse.Yeah Adobe do there share of security patches but sadly its not often which leaves the software vulnerable to a barrage of attacks on the daily basis.

We know how the late great Steve Jobs had total disregard with Adobe Flash,even refused to use it on iOS devices,but lets not make him out to be a prophet,give him credit though for bringing Flash fatal flaws to the forefront,I mean for years we the computer users were force fed Flash in order to view video,view certain websites,or even play certain video games on the web.

Who's the blame? its easy to blame the web developers for relying heavily on Adobe Flash,but the real blame lies squarely on Adobe (obviously) for letting the software age over the years.Refusing to make Flash lite on the computer system,and importantly,make the damn software secure.Adobe likes to say that the software has a bad rap(even blames Apple for its demise),its not given a chance for its great technology,yeah I get that,but its great technology that's put on weight and aged over the years.

Now we have a new player on the block,and that's HTML 5 which is slowly emerging as the eventual replacement for Adobe Flash.It's more secure,lite on the the computer system,and there is no downloading  software as HMTL 5 will come already embedded into web browsers.

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