Logitech Alert Gets Dropbox Support

File-It-Under: Cloud base storage technology!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~
Entry # 60

The Cloud storage technology have really took the forefront nowadays especially with Apple instituting their own cloud base service fused with iOS 5 and OS X Lion which is called by the way,iCloud.Is it new technology,of course not, there are a bevy of well known cloud base services from Amazon to Dropbox.Well its funny I bring up Dropbox because they are the new supporters of Logitechs Alert security system.

Logitech if you don't know by now are famous for making some high grade computer peripherals,from keyboards to webcams,now they are venturing into the security business with HD video security system.Dropbox comes to play allowing users of Logitech's security system video content will automatically be backed up to your computer and safely uploaded to the "cloud" or Dropbox.The cloud base storage service will offers additional data protection layer,the same type of security methods you see with banks.So you'll definitely be assured that all your saved video's will remain privately protected.

At this very moment,Logitech Alert users will be able to purchase Dropbox storage packages that will range from up to 2GBs ,to an upgraded 50 GBs service that go for $9.99 per month and 100GBs for $19.00 per month.Once the user signs up for an account and download Drpbox,all that's needed is for you to configure the storage settings within Logitech Alert Commander and Dropbox software.When both Dropbox and Logitech Alert are running,the video footage will sync automatically with your Dropbox account.