Under The Knife: Inside the Intel Core i7-3960X

File-It-Under: innards of the CPU!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~
Entry # 63

Couple of days ago I introduce this website the new Sandy Bridge Core i7-3960X Intel Extreme processor.This is the new highly anticipated processor that has been long awaited since the beginning of 2011.Now we are going to go inside the CPU and see what's inside this powerful chip.What are the main features that drives this processors engine.What I did was break the processor apart so you can see the main components that makes this processor valued at $1000.

An astounding 15 MB of Intel's smart cache which is probably the core main feature that makes this processor so unique,the extra Cache probably explains why you see only 6 cores within the processors die.

Six cores within the processors die,12 Threads,the weird thing about this processor if you look closely you'll notice a vacant core,could we see an 8 core future? that will push the threads to 16.

A integrated memory controller that can handle 4 channels of DDR3 memory,a pretty high bus speed at 1600 GHz,the highest any memory can achieve.This memory controller can handle up to 16GB of option system memory.

Knowledge me this~

 I used the word "Die" a couple of times in the above article, for those who don't know what Die is and how it applies to computing,Die: is a context of complex integrated circuits that is within a small block of semiconducting material.Each wafer cut which is call a 'Dice' contains one copy of a circuit.