The Beats By Dr Dre Headphones:Scam or Legit

File-It-Under: Daily Ranting!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~
Entry # 68

I've been holding back on this particular topic for a while now,I'm not the one who will just come right out and criticize a product.Yes,I'm a advocate for the consumer,I will not purchase anything that has no technical value.I bought a iPhone because it gives me everything I need from a smartphone and more,I bought a iPad because it's tablet technology that Apple has gotten right where others have either failed or have had mediocre success.This brings me to Dr Dre's headphones.Yes the famed,popular,widely used headphones that have taken to a mass cult following.

Now I'm posting this entry because the NY Times had a pretty interesting article( the article is dated yesterday Nov 19) where the topic was,you guessed it,the Beats by Dr Dre.That article kind of fueled me into giving you readers my opinion on these controversial headphones.

On the top headlining this entry it titles are the Beats by Dr Dre's scam or legitimate headphones,more like are the headphones an over priced piece of audio hardware.From my perspective being that I'm a owner of iBeats ear buds I would certainly have to go with the latter,grossly overpriced.

There to two major problems I have with headphones made by Monster,one being price,and the other being design flaw.First let us look at the price,the popular over the ear headphones cost an astounding $300 yet consumers are buying these headphones like hotcakes,the headphones though haven't been given a vote confidence from audio experts who say they are heavy with the Bass which they say distorts quality of sound.There are most certainly headphones on the market that are $200 dollars cheaper with better sound quality,I know this for a fact because I have listen to and tested other over the ear headphones.

Here go some Sony over the ear headphones priced at $50,$250 cheaper than the Dr Dre's

This brings us to the in-ear bud headphones,the iBeats,I'm going to go on the record and say these headphones are the worst I ever purchased,no really they are.The headphones are $168 (at least that was the price when I purchased them a couple a months back) and they are flawed at best.My biggest issue with the in-ear iBeats is they lack the ability to stay in your ears.If I can put a dollar amount on how many times a day I have to fix the headphones so they can stay in my ears,I'll be a millionaire.The problem with these flawed headphones is the thick encasing that houses the wires are heavy,which at times pulls the in-ear headphones out of your ears,again a design flaw.

Despite what critics and I have to say about the Beats by Dr Dre,the headphones have cashed in big time,Monster raked in $2 billion in sales last year,and that's just in the United States alone.So successful rappers like Ludacris and 50 Cent have hopped on the bandwagon and backed their own headphone brands.

The question I pose to the readers is this,are we buying these headphones because of the style,the look and reputation,or are these headphone truly legitimate in sound quality.I would love to hear from all you Beats by Dr Dre owners.