Custom Siri Hack Controls Home Wifi Thermostat

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Entry #69

You knew this would happen,a series of Siri hacks you starting to see popping up all over the world-wide-web.First it was the Kinect,now it's Siri,software and devices being used for other purposes.Guess what,I'm loving it,I post a little snippet yesterday on my Facebook page  mentioning how its great to see innovative hacks on devices and software like the Kinect and Siri.The latest Siri hack that's gaining fame around the web is how a developer who goes by the Twitter handle @plamoni is able to voice control his home thermostat using Siri.

How this works is simple,the hack creates a proxy server which allows him to communicate with his thermostat via Wifi(the Thermostat is a WiFi device),as you well know Siri communicates with a data server.Its not a standalone feature within your iPhone,it relies on a server to ditch out your request.The great thing about this hack is there is no jailbreaking required,just a installation of a fake root certificate onto the smartphone.

The proxy software can be downloaded off of GitHub website along with instruction,the developer though has warned that not all Thermostats are prone to this hack.If you don't believe me that this hack works,check out the video on the bottom.