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Multitouch Glass Keyboard Mouse Prototype

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

Remember the movie Minority Report,think of all the inspired technology that has come out of the movie, touch screen tablet's,the iPhone and other touch screen mobiles, and the Kinect.Now we are seeing a stylistic see through glass mouse and keyboard,no seriously the idea does exist,but its still in the prototype stage of course.

The concept is thought of by an inventor name Jason Giddings who is in turn looking to Kickstarter to help raise funds for the prototype.If you go right on the website,which is Kickstarter,you can actually see money being raised for this sleek prototype.How the prototype work is simple,the design uses a biometric system that reads fingerprints on the trackpad and keyboard,the technology is called Frustrated Total Internal Reflection which incorporates a series of LEDs that is on the button of the device,the infrared light bounces beams around the inside of the glass.The process is then interrupted when your finger touches the glass,a simple camera that's embedded captures the keystroke and mouse click gestures,at the same time relays the signal right back to the computer.

Currently Giddings has raised $42,000 he his $50,000 away from developing the prototype,he is also looking to develop a series of open source drivers for the prototype.If you want to see this prototype become reality,head over the Kickstarters website and donate some funds.


Credit Source: Kickstarter and Endgadget

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