AMD Enters the RAM business

File-It-Under: Memory Modules!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~
Entry #74

So AMD is entering the RAM business,I saw these reports floating around on the web my initial thought was why? I mean they most certainly are not trying to make a lot of money entering this market because the price of RAM is very cheap,probably the cheapest upgrade you can make to your computer.The only thing I can think of  is they are going after system builders who want to pair RAM with other AMD hardware,the processor and the graphic card.

The branded AMD memory modules will come in the entertainment,Performance,and Radeon tiers,with speeds that will range from DDR3-1366 to DDR3-2133.Probably the unique thing about AMD memory is it'll work in both Intel and AMD systems,which is what you see in their graphic cards.Now from my understanding the RAM is not being made by AMD per say,they'er being made by Patriot Memory and Vision Tek,but if you want to nice red package RAM with a AMD logo,you will have to wait until January of 2012.