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Broadcom Wants A 10 Year Extension To You Battery Life

File-It-Under: Extended Battery Power!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

You are starting to see computer peripherals like the mouse and keyboard using Bluetooth connection to sync with computers,the problem is Bluetooth signal can be a bit of a drain when it comes down to battery power.Well Broadcom the networking chip giant wants to change all of that with a new technology that lays claim to offer 10-year battery life to your keyboards and other computer peripherals.Broadcoms will use a low power BCM2030 human interface device chip and with software.The new technology will be backwards compatible with most Bluetooth devices that has been constructed in the past couple of years

The new technology from Broadcom will also eliminate bottle-necking pairing procedures,thanks in part to a built-in USB HIB emulation.There is no confirmation date as to when we will start to see this new power enhancing technology.

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