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Windows Defender Offline Beta Tool Runs Offline Before Boot

File-It-Under: Security Patch!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

Microsoft has developed a pretty crafty feature in the new version of Windows Defender,an antivirus tool that will have the ability to scan your computer offline for malware and the ever so feisty rootkit Trojan.The new Windows Defender is constructed to run directly right off a CD,DVD, or a USB thumb drive.The software main mission is to detect rootkit viruses and Malware that can pretty much infect your computer upon boot up.

The software is not available in a simple download,you have to install the software on a recordable disc or USB thumb drive,after installation you boot to disc or thumb drive and begin scanning for malware.Being that you are using removable media this proves very useful for troubleshooting multiple computers.To access Windows Defender beta,you'll need to go on Microsoft's website and download the setup file,which comes in a 32-bit version and 64-bit version.The same offline tools will have similar functionality in the new version of Windows Defender that will be integrated within Windows 8.

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