The Year End Best Tech Award: The Preview

File-It-Under: Soft opening!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

This has been a very interesting year in technology,probably a year where we saw the expected burst of mobile technology,the emergence of ultraportable computers,new innovative technology that will change how we do things.With that said,its time for our second annual "The Year End Best Tech Award" :The Preview .All this week starting tomorrow,leading into next week I will post a year end award that will cover everything from smartphones,software,to tablets and computer laptops,I will also infuse other technologies that wowed my eyes with impression.

Will  we see Apple devices dominate the awards,will there any surprises,or will there be any disappointments.Each day I will post an entry dedicating to the best tech awards,I decided to do it that way rather than cram everything into one post,technology is a vast spectrum you know

Remember,be on the prowl for a best tech award starting tomorrow,hope you enjoy.