Ultrathin AMD laptops coming in 2012

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Big plans are in store for AMD in 2012,the processor manufacturer are shifting their focus on a line of ultrthin laptops that will compete with Intel's line of ultraportable laptops.New Zealand and Australia are rumored to get first dibs on the ultrathin laptops in Jan of 2012. AMD has not stated specifically what type of processors they'll be using,more than likely expect to see a variant of AMD Fusion APU within their ultrthin line of laptops.You already see Fusion-powered laptops already on the market,the HP Pavilion dm1 which has won over the masses,but the laptop is not quite as thin as say the Macbook Air.

AMD are hoping that there integrated Radeon GPU will pose serious competition to Intel which lags behind AMD in the video graphic chip department.If you don't know by now,Intel and AMD has historically battled back and fourth in who's got the baddest,the fastest,the meanest processor,now we will see which chip is the most power efficient in 2012.Be on the prowl for a influx of ultrathin,Macbook Air inspired laptops to really flood the consumer market next year.

Credit Source: The Verge and Ubergizmo