The Best Tech Awards 2011:The Tablet

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

The Best Tablet Award 2011
 The iPad 2

This is a fairly easy one right here,sells numbers alone are not a accurate indicator on the outstanding success of the iPad 2. It's a tablet done right where other tablet manufactures have either had mediocre success or failed.It also helps tremendously that the iPad 2 has a dedicated app store that is second to none.Probably the most recognizable gadget second to the iPhone on the planet,so popular,even kids 6 years old and under want a iPad.

Honorable Mention Runner Up: The Eee Pad Transformer Prime

If this tablet had came out 6 months ago(before the iPad 2) I'd probably elect this tablet as the best in 2011 based on its supreme hardware and even impressive operating system,Ice Cream Sandwich,crazy thing is the tablet doesn't hit stores until Dec 19 ( which is next week),based on all the positive reviews ,the Eee Pad Transformer Prime is a serious tablet with even serious hardware.How serious is the hardware you might ask,it runs a Tegra 3 processor,the worlds first quad-core mobile CPU,not to mention 1080p display added to the mix.