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The Best Tech Award 2011: Smartphones

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The Best SmartPhone 2011
The iPhone 4S~

Once again an Apple mobile device gets awarded with the best tech award in 2011,the iPhone 4S is hands down the best smartphone on the planet,though you still have the same design as the iPhone 4,what separates the two is its upgraded hardware.It comes fitted with a A5 dual-core processor,a snappier 8MP camera,much improved signal reception.Then of course the main feature of it all,Siri.This voice command feature alone makes the iPhone 4S a must have smartphone.

Honorable Mention: The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

If the iPhone 4S never existed the Galaxy Nexus would clearly be the top handheld device of 2011.The Galaxy Nexus is absolutely the best Android smartphone ever made,most would probably agree with me.The main featured eye candy on the Galaxy Nexus is the mobile OS,which of course is Ice Cream Sandwich,by far the most polished mobile OS to date.

VIA embedded x86 system to add Android support

The Best Tech Awards 2011:The Tablet