The Best Tech Award 2011: Innovative Gadgets

File-It-Under: Year ending awards!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

The Best Innovative Gadget 2011
The Nest Thermostat~

When news of the Nest Thermostat first hit the Internet I was highly impressed,so impressed I plan on ordering this device for my apt.Finally we have a Thermostat that doesn't require you to know algorithms to work the settings.The Nest has a combination of activity and temperature sensors( 6 sensors altogether) that's encased in a sleek puck like design.Its a thermostat with intelligence,so intelligent,it monitors your habit dwelling,senses when you are about to approach the thermostat,tracks your home heating and cooling.The great thing about the Nest is it was created by two former Apple employees,the same guys who created the iPod,notice its Applesque design.

Honorable Mention
Lytro Light-field Camera~

Digital cameras in the last couple of years are becoming very obsolete largely due to much improved sensors in smartphones,increasing its ability capture clear high definition images on a mobile device.In comes the Lytro Light Field camera,which quite possibly could resurrect the digital camera industry.An digital camera of the extraordinary proportion that has the ability to capture color and light intensity from all directions,the main feature of it all,its capable of focusing pictures after the picture is taken.Focus after the fact means there is no auto-focus motor,no auto-focus motor means no shutter delay.