The Best Tech Award 2011:Laptops

File-It-Under: Year ending awards!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

The Best Laptop 2011 
The MacBook Air~

You know how you can tell you have a craftily piece of machinery? Is when you see other manufacturers follow suit with the same design.Once again Apple produces a product a done right with the MacBook Air,beautifully sleek thin design without sacrificing computer performance.How impacting is the MacBook,just look all the ultrapotable laptops you see flooding the market today,the same MacBook inspired thin design.

Honorable Mention: Alienware M17x

How could you not be impressed with a gaming laptop that comes at you with an abundance of LED lights that surrounds the keyboard and touchpad.The bright colorful LED lights doesn't tell the whole story though,the Alienware M17 X comes fully loaded with some serious hardware that has a laptop exterior with the power of a desktop.Just look at some of the hardware,a Sandy Bridge Core i7 2.2GHz processor ( you can option for a faster processor) ,your choices in a NVIDIA or Radeon graphics,and a option 120 Hz 3D panel.Add everything up and you have yourself a serious gaming machine.