The HD Radeon 7970 28nm Graphic card

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

The begining of the New Year always brings fourth new up coming technology,be it hardware,mobile devices and computers,AMD will bring in the new year with the much anticipated Radeon HD 7970 graphic card.

AMD yesterday launched the graphic card that is dubbbed industry first,the first graphic card that's built on a 28nm production process,the first graphic card to support 3.0 PCIe,the first graphic card that will be DirectX 11.1 compatible.

The uniqueness in the HD 7970 is it's ability to regulate power according to need,the graphic card has the intellligence to regulate it's engine that'll ensure the card is within its power limit.The core specification goes as follows: clock speed that will range from 880 to 925 MHz ( which also can over clock to 1GHz) an additional 33 percent increase in stream processors, 3GB of dedicated VRAM with a 384-bit memory interface,the card will also have a increased resister count from 2.6b to 3b.

The HD Radeon 7970 will be the first in 3 South Pacific island code named graphic cards,begining with the high end Tahiti graphic card,Pitcairn for gaming and the budget version Cape Verde.The HD Radeon 7970 is expected to hit the market on January 9th at a $549 price point.

For a complete overall review of the Radeon HD 7970,checkout PC Perspective website for a full break down spec sheet and bench marks.

Credit Source: PC Perspective,The Verge,Anand Tech