Ladies and Gentle coming in 2012 The Intel Medfield x86 SoC

File-It-Under: Mobile Processors!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

Looks apparent that 2012 will be an interesting year in technology as it was in 2011.We clearly witness a shift towards mobile base computing.The year 2012 also looks like we'll see Intel venture into new territory and that's mobile technology.The chip giant will introduce the world to Medfield x86 SoC mobile processor,their target,smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices such as iOS and Android have long been dominated by Arm processors with proven success.But Intel has one big advantage over Arm processors and that's a pedigree of successful line processors in its laptop and desktop computers.They most certainly have the engineering capability to produce mobile processors  that can seriously compete against Arm processors.Arm processors are design to be effective yet power efficient,but Medfield SoC's are built on the company's internal 32nm process with the upcoming 22nm Intel processors which you'll see in 2012 it is almost certain that the Medfield x86 looks promising with better power consumption.

Very curious to see the  tablets and smartphones that will housed the Medfield x86 processor,stay tune in 2012.