My Favorite iPhone App Award 2011

File-It-Under: Best Apps of the year!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

One might ask what constitutes a favorite iPhone app,there are dozens of tech sites that have a certain criteria when judging mobile apps.For me I keep it very simple,If I use the app a lot,then its my favorite,I mean really.Seriously though the apps that made the "My Favorite iPhone App award" in 2011,well two comes to mind  and that's......


Not only my favorite Twitter client,well then again its the only Twitter client I seem to gravitate to,but the new upgrade to the Twitter is very enticing but that's for another article.What makes Tweetbot a game changer for me is the app ability to infuse multiple timelines,I love that.Other great features is its smooth simple but crafty interface and animated sounds.


This app comes in very handy and also a life saver,especially when I need to take pictures on the fly and upload it to the cloud.Dropbox is on all my computers,but you get the best out of this app when you are on a smartphone.The days of taking pictures on your mobile device then attaching it to a email are long gone thanks to this app.