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5 Things Tablet Makers Need to do to Dethrone the iPad in 2012

File-It-Under: iPad Killer!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

The year 2011 has been very unkind the tablet makers who aren't name Apple,you know the other guys.Tablet after tablet has seen either at best mediocre success or have failed miserably.From Fusion Garage  horrific Grid 10 tablet to the Motorola Xoom with the not so great Honeycomb Android operating system.Many have dubbed the iPad 2 as being the perfect tablet,it has everything you can ask for in a tablet and then some.So the question that begs to be answered is how can anyone construct a tablet that will closely rival the iPad 2. What will it take knock the iPad off of its throne,if any of you tablet makers ever stumble upon this article then you are in luck,because I came up with 5 things needed to knock off the current tablet champion in 2012.

Build the Perfect Tablet for Ice Cream Sandwich ~

So far you are off to a tremendous start with Androids Ice Cream Sandwich,arguably the best Android mobile OS to date.Judging by the success of the Nexus Galaxy smartphone,I'm sure the same type of success can be applied to tablets.Android Ice Cream Sandwich needs to be in a perfectly constructed tablet,one that is sleek and thin in design. Of course you know Apple are known for designing devices that standout to the human eyes.What is the old saying,physical beauty is the eye of attraction,OK so I made that up,but you get the point.

Have better hardware

Lets face it,the iPad 2 is a well made tablet we all know that,but its hardly impressive when it comes to hardware other than its A5 dual-core processor that's inside the tablet,what makes the iPad 2 great is its software,the Eee Transformer Prime trumps the iPad 2 when it comes to hardware.Now will we see better hardware with the iPad 3,that remains to be seen,I'm sure you'll have some impressive hardware upgraded to the iPad 3 in 2012.But since we'er on tablet hardware,let us walk right over to the Eee Transformer Prime tablet that just dawn the market a few weeks ago,it's perfect when it comes to hardware,it houses the worlds first quad-core processor(Tegra 3 processor that is),1GB of memory and it has an abundance of interface connectors such as the USB 2.0 and SD card reader to name a few,USB is something iPad owners have screamed about having since the first generation iPad.We may see added USB connection with the iPad 3 in 2012,but history shows that Apple aren't known to make added connectors to their devices.Consumers want to be able to connect peripherals to their tablets.

Creative Marketing

This is where Apple crushes the competition,with impeccable marketing strategy and crafty advertising,they probably have the best advertising,marketing team in the world,which is a big tribute to their success.They just seem to get it right where other tech companies have failed.Have you ever seen Apple's commercials,their simple and to the point yet they fit in just enough time to demo the important features on the device.Apple seems always pick the right time to run their commercials,either during a big sporting event or right before an awards ceremonies.Tablet makers must use tactical marketing strategies and come up with crafty commercials that are appealing enough to make consumers want to purchase that product.Here's a quick snippet of what a tablet commercial should look like: Here's a tablet-the tablet runs on this platform,worlds first--the tablet can do this that iPad can't blah blah blah: you get the point.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5i1Dyj5k1A]

Appeal to the Non Geeks

You know how little kids see the McDonalds golden arches and say"French Fries", well the same can be said about Apple.When little kids see the Apple logo they want a iPad or iPhone.The point I'm trying to make is this,if you're going to make a tablet,the device has to appeal to the casual consumers who aren't tech savvy.I think this is where a lot of tablet makers seem to always get in trouble,they seem to appeal to the tech passionate crowd rather than diversify their consumer base.It's a known fact that most consumers who own tech products like a computer and mobile gadgets are people who aren't tech savvy.Tablet makers need to go after the non-geeks without making their product seem so intimidating,make it seem like it is fun to use this tablet, but that's where creative advertising would come into play (read the paragraph above).


Who said a tablet that has the power and design of a iPad must cost $700,I mean most mid range laptops cost about half the price of a iPad.Even though the HP Pad WebOs tablet had a poor showing in 2011,it still sold millions. Why? because HP decided to lower the price on the tablet at a $99 price tag to clear inventory,but not only that,people want stuff for cheap,I mean we are in a recession right.Guess why the Kindle Fire is doing so well,yes its core function is still a reader but with a tablet feel.It runs Android 4.0,you can surf the web with its speedy Silk web browser,watch movies and read documents and you get all of this and more for only $199 ( in the future I will break down the specs of the Kindle Fire).If you can somehow build a tablet with the sexiness of the iPad 2 yet have the power of the Eee Transformer Prime at a $299 price point,then you will have the greatest selling tablet of all time.

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