UK retail sells 94,000 copies of counterfeit Windows:And gets sued

File-It-Under: Bootlegged software for cash!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

This is a bizarre story that has caught my attention so bare with me,it seems Comet which is a known retailer in the UK have sold 94,000 counterfeit Windows Vista and Xp recovery CDs.Allegedly the retailer is selling these copies of Windows to customers who have already purchased laptops and PCs,now this is all legal provided that the re-seller cuts Microsoft a check for license fees.The problem is Comet haven't paid a dime in license fees the software titan,as a result,Microsoft in turn is issuing a law suit. You would expect to see a an illegal counterfeiting ring to distribute copies of bootleg Windows operating system,but Comet is no run of the mill retail store that operates out of a basement house,its the second largest retail chain in the UK.Even scary,the counterfeit CDs are allegedly produced in some undisclosed factory in Hampshire UK,yeah I know,very weird.

Now Comet has issued a statement to Microsoft stating that they are in complaint with the law and is acting on the behalf of the consumer interests.I'm very curious to see how all of this plays out,stay tune for a future update post.