Vizio enters the PC game

File-It-Under: Entering the PC age!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

I've admit I been taking a break from the tech entries for the past few days because an up start like myself have a day job (I work nights actually) so I had to partake in some much needed rest,but that doesn't stop me for scouring websites for news and information because as you well know by now,technology never stops.What caught my eye this week and a surprise many is Vizio,the TV makers announcing that they are getting to the PC game,even showing images of actual prototypes.This is coming at a time when many computer manufacturers are getting out of the PC business leaning towards building either tablets or thin ultraportable laptops.

Now here's what we know so far from gathering up all the information I've read online,Vizio will unveil a slew of machines that will include a 24-27 inch all-in-one and a 14-inch and 15.6 inch ULV-powered ultrabooks.In fact,according to a recent interview with the Financial times,Vizio will do away with the term "ultrabook" instead will use the term "thin and lite" for their line thin PC's.Vizio main goal is to produce Apple quality computers yet have a reasonable asking price,the same business model that's proven very successful with their TV's.

There are no mention of specs from Vizio just yet,but more than likely they'll announce detail hardware specs once they unveil their line of computers at CES next week.

The question the begs to be ask and answered,when will Vizio computers hit the market?The company is saying some time in either May of June which leads me to think that their computers will be powered by Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge processors.

As this all develops I will most certainly stay on top of this story and post updates.