CES 2012 Update: HP Envy 14 Spectre

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The HP Envy 14 Spectre is probably the most impressive piece of device to come out of CES so far,in fact one of the most impressive laptops,wait did I said laptop I meant to say one of the most impressive ultraportable I've seen to date.What makes this laptop so unique its not really its design because we've all seen ultraportables constructed similar in a sleek thin style,but its structure is encased in the fame Gorilla Glass shell,when I say whole structure I really mean it,basically the whole entire laptop is glass man.

Gorilla glass has a distinct reputation to be visually stunning,very light,yet resistance to damage.You are now seeing  an abundance of smartphones and tablets using Gorilla Glass to cover its display,but enough with the glass talk,lets talk hardware.The HP Envy 14 Spectre hardware specs goes as follows,Core i5-2467M processor with a option Core i7 processor,4GB of RAM, and 128GB mSATA SSD,the palm rest on the Envy is pretty crafty to say the least,it comes with a NFC chip which is acronym for "Near Field Communication" which will be able to communicate and share with Android devices,something HP say's is in the experimental stage that will be released as a app on Android devices in the near future.The display comes in at a 14-inch,1600 x 900-resolution,also throw in Beats brand speakers,which has a jog dial that lives on the right side of the system and also has another button which launches the Beats software.

Finally,we could see HP setting a standard here with laptops being encase in a glass shell design,yeah the doubters or haters will probably say this will of course weigh the laptop down but who cares,people want sleek innovative design that out shines other ultraportables.

Didn't mention it but not forgotten: The touchpad is also made with Gorilla Glass.