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How Would You Tweak:The Ford Sync

File-It-Under:Make it better!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

The Ford Sync has revolutionized car technology,well in a sense it has reinvented the technology.It's amazing in that its basically a voice command system that sync's with your smartphone via Bluetooth,you can text,connect to Facebook and Twitter,play music,GPS,check the weather,all through the use of your voice command.With that said,there is something missing with the Ford Sync,it needs something to really take us into the distant future.

This brings us to this weeks weekend Tweak,how would you tweak The Ford Sync.Would you implement a full touch screen display on the dashboard,how about make the technology available to all cars not just cars made by Ford,would you make the technology fully automated,connect the system to your home computer

How would you Tweak the Ford Sync........

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