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Tekspekz "How To" Segment Presents: Keep Your Computer Virus Free

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

With all the mobile gadgets that everyone is purchasing today you wonder if computers actual exist anymore but they still do,there are more computer owners today than there were 10 years ago.Just about every household today have at least 2 or more computers, but with that said,its still shocking how everyone still takes a casual approach towards securing their system from virus attacks.The old sayings goes, no matter whether if you'er on a Mac or PC,as long as you are on the Internet you are prone to some type of virus,Trojan and Malware attack,especially if  you're on a high speed broadband connection.

I know there have been millions of articles written on tech  websites where the topic entitled "How to keep your computer virus free", well I'm adding to the bunch because you can't imagine how many computer owners I run across today are still turning a blind eye when it comes to securing their systems.More and more system owners are doing money transactions online,be it banking,shopping,paying bills,so it is imperative that you protect you computer at all cost from the bad guys looking to still your personal information.

Who said you have to spend money on expensive anti virus software to protect your computer here's a list of free alternative that is just as effective.

Microsoft Security Essentials this is my favorite and starting to become a favorite among many system owners,though at one time I wasn't always a fan of this application but one day this anti virus application stopped a very dangerous straight nasty Trojan right dead in its tracks,in fact,it caught the bug before my other anti-virus apps that I have running on my system(usually I'll have at least two anti virus applications running on my computers),I been a fan since.Another thing I love about Microsoft Security Essential its i very lite on your system and runs very quiet in the background.

AVG this is like an automatic favorite with many system users around the globe.For some weird reason when system owners get a new PC or re-install Windows,this seems to be the anti virus application of choice and with good reason.AVG has the unique ability to scan all of your files that is downloaded before you open them automatically.You can schedule the application to run scans on your computer in the background.The application also has the ability detect when there's system activity from the user and frees up memory space during the middle of scans.

Malwarebytes probably the most effective anti-virus application out of any to date,the focal strength of this application is its retroactive protection,it can identify any popular virus that's implemented on the Internet from its database library and keep your computer well guarded from the bad guys.

Spybot Search & Destroy this application has been around for a long time and is still widely used by many.It comes highly regarded by many in the IT industry.Its main focus is to stop pop-ups and nasty malicious cookies and spyware that's lurking within your web browser.

All the anti-virus software in the world can't stop a computer users from making bad decisions on the Internet.In fact,viruses that compromise a computer system is almost always due to the user not initiating common sense or exercise proper precaution when surfing on the Internet.Here's a couple of things system owners can do to avoid viruses altogether from compromising your computer system.You can....

Avoid clicking on Email attachments email clients such as Google's Gmail and Yahoo for the most part do a good job catching spammed or corrupted emails with virus laced attachments,but there's always a buggy email that seeps through the first line of defense.First rule of thumb when on the Internet,never click any email attachments unless its from a reliable source.

Limit your P2P downloading I'm very much guilty of downloading from P2P sites from time to time,not going to lie,but there is a limit to my downloading because I know P2P sites are a safe haven for virus creators.If you'er going to wonder off and download a music file from a P2P sites,scan your music file with one of your anti virus tools once the download is complete.

Stay away from bogus websites virus writers who are very crafty,they even go as far as to create bogus websites that look very legitimate, the mission is simple,bait you into clicking on certain photos and videos all the while there's a hidden Trojan file lurking within that photo waiting to be executed.Porn websites for an example are notorious for having this type of setup,try your hardest not to wonder off onto websites that look rather strange.

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