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Asus We Have a Problem

File-It-Under: Fatal Flaws!~

For the past couple of months I gave big ups and praises to the Asus Eee Transformer Prime,and rightfully so,this tablet in my opinion will give the iPad strong competition,but now this happens.It seems users of the Asus Prime are having difficulties trying to upgrade to Android 4.0, the famed Ice Cream Sandwich.There are wide reports from consumers that indicates a "Serial Number Not Found" error message is displaying after a failed attempts to upgrade to the new operating system,now these are wide reports,most aren't having any difficulties at all with the upgrade.Representatives from Asus are aware of the problem and are working diligently on fixing this bug.

Also,if users are experiencing problems trying to connect to Asus servers and get a "Unknown Message" in the <About Tablet "Status Page" the company strongly recommends that you do a full Factory Data reset from tablets settings,backup your data and then click "Reset", leave the slate running for an entire fifteen minutes with the display powered on so that the tablet can connect with the servers.There is a step by step instructions currently on Asus website.

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