iPhone 4S and The iPad Has Now Succumb To The Jailbreak

File-It-Under: Device Hacks!~

Unlike previous iOS devices in the past which saw endless amount of jailbreaks,the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S have  pretty much been hacker resistant thus far,but the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 which is constructed around the A5 processor can now be jail broken,yes I said it very clearly, jail broken.In order to officially jailbreak these devices both will have to have the latest iOS 5.1 update.

Despite what the critics say about jail breaking,there are a slew of advantages that can be gained by hacking into your iOS devices,one advantage is you get to build and run software most of it free from different sources,not just from Apple's App store.

If you followed my articles in the past then you know how I feel about jail breaking devices,it should be a right especially since you paid a great deal of money for these devices.Now finally you can jailbreak your iPad 2 and iPhone4S that's running on the iOS 5.1 platform.Just to be forewarn you jailbreak at your own risk,but the risks aren't going to permanently destroy your devices. In case something goes wrong you can always revert both devices back to its pristine factory settings through your iTunes.

Just so you know: The latest jailbreak is the GreenPois0n toolkit.

Credit Source: Naked security