The Shinobi XL-ATX the Ultimate Computer Case

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By: D.F.Skinner!~ 

Its not all the time that computer cases make this sites entry,those that do make this site are usually impressive cases.The Shinobi XL-ATX is a pretty impressive computer case,in fact its the ultimate computer (hence the title of this entry) .Computer cases almost always impress me with design but seemingly lack features that makes the ultimate computer chassis,the Shinobi has a very sleek design and is rich in features.To say the case is compact is not fair because this is a huge computer case,its approximately 22 inches in height by 11 inches in length.Roomy enough to include XL-ATX motherboards,can hold the longest graphic card and hold nine PCI slots.The Shinobi is also constructed to house a two 360mm radiators,making it very ideal for the water cooling enthusiast.

On the connection front,the Shinobi is fitted with Four SuperSpeed 3.0 USB ports and here's something you starting to see take standard in a lot of high end desktops,it comes with a Super charger,an BitFenix SuperCharge port to be exact.Lets take a detail look at the Bitfenix Supercharge,its the latest innovation from the company that supplies up to 2.5A of current,it is constructed to super charge all of your mobile devices that includes phones,tablets,portable consoles at 5 times that of USB 2.0,basically you'll have these devices charged in a short amount of time.

Other noted features,is a impressive hard disk rack that can be rotated for a parallel hard disk configuration and you can remove the entire rack to make room for your water cooling equipment.The Shinobi XL also comes loaded with Two 230mm Spectre fans which is located on the top of the chassis and in front,a 120mm Spectre fan that provides exhaust in the rear.

Computer cases of this magnitude usually don't come very cheap,the price point caps out at $149 bucks,but with all the loaded features and the size,its well worth the price tag.