Radeon 6000 GPU in the next Xbox rumors

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

According to IGN the next generation Xbox will hit the market in autumn of 2013,it will come fitted with a GPU  that's based on the 40nm Radeon 6000 architecture,performance comparable to the last years Radeon HD 6670 graphic card.Sources that's close the Xbox project are offering a  ballpark figure of 6 times performance increase over the current Xbox 360,a 20 percent increase in power over the Wii U.

There are no details on what type of CPU that will come ship with the console,but in theory the next generation Xbox will rival power that of today's gaming PC. One the biggest drawbacks with gaming consoles are the limited resolution that usually caps out at 720p.The new Xbox running this type of improved hardware will definitely exceed almost all current PC games and have improved resolution.