PowerPad 16 Port USB Charging Hub

File-It-Under: Charging Hubs!~
By: D.F.Skinner!~

If you're looking to charge 16 devices on one USB charging hub then look no further than the PowerPad 16,the compact,light and very easy to use charging hub provides the required power to charge iPads and other Apple devices.The PowerPad 16 is a definite replacement of bulked out power strips and standard AC adapter bricks.Now unless you really have 16 Apple devices laying around the house I really don't see this super charger made for the ordinary Joe's,the PowerPad 16 is more than likely designed for tech centers (Apple Stores),trade shows and traveling labs.

This 16 port super charger is not just designed for Apple devices,I'm sure any device that can be charged via USB are more than welcomed to take advantage of this 16 port setup.