Tekspecz Found A New Home

  Yes,it had to happen and how it happen is strange.What I'm talking about,I finally made the move to Word Press.As of today I will no longer posting blogs from "Blogspot". I always wanted to blog from Word Press,in fact it was suppose to happen earlier this year.Forced circumstances allowed me to make the quick decision and jump to Word Press.The new link to the site is no longer Tekspecz.com. I'm using a new domain in Tekspecz.net.Word Press has a shit load of features,though at times it can be a little bit time consuming trying to look for features to add to this site,but I'm up for the challenge.The goal is still the same,infuse the tech service along with the site,the ultimate and bigger goal is the make this site the best tech website on the net.That mission starts,right now.