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HP Announces The SpectreOne All-In-One PC

File-It-Under: MouseLess touchscreens !~

HP got a list of all-one-PC's being released to the market,but there's is one all-one PC that has peaked my interest,the HP SpectreONE. It's a particularly unique piece of machinery.The SpectreOne is a Windows 8 ready that is touch capable with a 23 inch gloss glass display that'll come with the third generation Intel Core processor ( Ivy Bridge),the design of the SpectreOne is far from Apple's own iMac system as the computer is very thin in design.The touch screen does not actually apply to the display itself,but the multitouch gesture that's applied to a touchpad. HP has bundled the computer with a wireless track pad and keyboard.Yeah I know I'm thinking the same thing an very Apple-sque idea.

There is no real detail hardware specs on the SpectreOne other than having the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processor and will carry a 1GB Nvidia graphic card.The HP will be bundled with a pretty decent software Adobe Photoshop Element and Premere Elements.As far as ports goes,there will be two USB 3.0 ports (2 USB 2.0 ports) ,an HDMI jack,an Gigabit Ethernet port accompanied by a 802.11n WiFi port,sadly though the Spectre lacks a disc drive.The all-in-one PC is expected to hit the market foe sell in Nov with a $1299 price point.

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