Introducing The New Tekspecz Custom Build Machine 2012


Yes I know,its been a while since I've post an entry,and for that,I apologize,but the mission must go on.Anyhow,while I was away,I built a computer,that's right,custom build machine that is strictly for this start up company that we call Tekspecz.

The Goal...

The goal was to build high end a machine (computer) that would not break the bank,the money target was $1200,and yes I was dead on with the budget.Being that I reached my budget target there was some issues at hand.All my hardware was purchased at New Egg's website,I love the site because they have some very good deals on hardware and other computer peripheral's,electronics.But I must forewarn,anyone purchasing hardware that is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) you are at their mercy of the re-seller.Case in point,I purchased a OEM Western Digital Caviar Black hard drive that doesn't work,a dead drive.I should have known that there would be issues with the drive when it was delivered to me on a New Egg box draped in plastic bubble wrap with no SATA cables.

The Hardware...

Though I was a $1200 budget did not mean that I was going to purchase some cheap flimsy hardware.Yes,I didn't buy the latest and the greatest but this is very quality hardware that was a bang for the buck.Here's a list of hardware I used for this custom build 2012.


The processor

Ivy Bridge baby,yes that is what I decided to use and guess what,the processor runs so smooth and doesn't taxes system at all in terms of power usage.I went with the Intel Core i5-3570K which is a next best thing in the Ivy Bridge Core-i series processors,the price wasn't bad either at $229.



The Motherboard

I probably went a little overboard with the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard in terms of price at $179.I probably could have gotten a much cheaper motherboard with the same features.With this this MB (motherboard) it has the latest 3D UEFI BIOS and let's throw the fact that you can easily overclock that motherboard with the settings in the BIOS and navigate through BIOS with a mouse.So you guessed it,the motherboard is made for overclocking,but there is one draw back and that is that SATA ports on the edge of the motherboard in a upright position instead of laying flat.It becomes a daunting task trying to plug in the SATA cables,especially if you have a tight fitted computer case.



The Graphic Card

I most certainly got quality here,the EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphic card,it has 1GB 256-bit GDDR5.This is of course not the top of the line high end graphic card that you see today,but its close,it supports SLI and has pretty good price at $244.


The Ram

I went with G.Skill Ripjaws X memory at 16 GB,yes it was time I up the ante and increase my RAM size at 16GB.Getting memory nowadays is no longer a premium in terms of price.Its not shocking to get a 4 gig RAM stick for $30.With this particular memory its two 8GB sticks at a combine price of $104 which figures roughly at $52 a stick,not bad.


Hard Drive


For the hard drive I went with the 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black  500GB Barracuda Seagate hard drive.Let me explain why I crossed out the Western Digital hard drive,as I mentioned before,I purchased this OEM hard drive (Western Digital) from New Egg's website which turn out to be a dead drive,UGH!! I needed another hard drive as a test hardware to make sure that the motherboard was fully functional.I installed 500 GB Seagate hard drive and boom,it worked.So in all,I stuck with the 500 GB Seagate hard drive.



Power Supply Unit

Power supply units are another piece of hardware where you can get dirt cheap without suffering in quality.The OCZ ModXstream Pro 700 Watt power supply covers all bases in terms of high quality and cheap price at $89.99.This power supply unit supports the latest Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processor, and oh yeah it has a 80 Plus Certified rating.An 80 Plus rating means that you have a power efficient power supply unit.



The Computer Case

The Cooler Master RC-912-KKN1 has gotten good writes up reviews on New Egg's website,even better,it has garnished positive reviews from several website.The problem I have with this computer case being that its a mid-tower is good luck trying to neatly rout wiring through out this case if you plan on installing a 9-inch graphic card.The case all in all provides the proper ventilation to keep your hardware nice and cool.Oh by the way the cost, $59.00,awesome deal I might add.


Let's tally up the price totals...


  • Processor-$229
  • Motherboard-$179
  • Graphic Card-$229
  • RAM-$104
  • Hard drive-$79
  • Power Supply-$89
  • Combo Drive-$59
  • Computer Case-$59



  • Grand Total=$1,027


On a side note being that I didn't include the Western Digital hard drive because instead wen with the Seagate hard drive,that drove the price down immensely.