The iPhone 5 What We Know

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What we learn from the Apple Event today which unsurprisingly displayed the new official iPhone 5 is that it pretty much stuck to the rumors in terms of design and specs.The iPhone is a big improvement from the previous generation of iPhone's,without wasting precious time babbling,lets get a detail look at the iPhone 5 and its improved features.

Larger Display


The new iPhone 5 gets a much large retina display at 4-inches that comes in at 1,360 x 640 resolution with a 326 ppi pixel density.


Improved processor

Another feature that was announced today that pretty much held to rumors of the past few weeks,the iPhone 5 gets the new A6 processor which offers twice the CPU and GPU power than previous gen iPhone's yet uses a smaller chip and is more energy efficient.


Ultra Fast Connectivity

iPhone owners have dreamed of the day that their device will be blessed with a LTE connection,well guess what iPhone pundits,you have been granted your wish as the iPhone 5 will finally enter into the super fast LTE connection.It will also support more networks around the globe that'll include HSPA,HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA. On the wireless front,the device will have an 802.11n dual-band wireless connectivity.

Same camera new features

The camera on the iPhone 5 is pretty much same as the iPhone 4S with a 8MP ,5 element lens but it is much lighter and thinner and very rapid that also includes a dynamic low light mode.The new features that's included are a Shared Photo Streams which makes it much easy to share with friends and family,even lets you post comment on your pics.On the video front,the camera shoots in 1080p HD and get this,it'll include a facial recognition feature and will have a much improved video stabilization.The front facing camera will get a 720p HD support.



The body of the iPhone 5 is probably the biggest  improvement over the previous gen iPhone ( last year),it has a much thinner design at just 7.6mm and much lighter at 112 grams,the smartphone as expected is a little bit taller being that it has a 4 inch display.The front of the iPhone 5 is entirely made of glass with an all aluminum back.You'll get a colors choice between black or white.

Dock Connection

The I/O connector which was developed by Intel has a all-digital connector which Apple has named "Lightning"  which replaces the older dock connector,the connector itself is 80% smaller than the original connector.

Price Point

Pretty much nothing has changed here in terms of price,it will be $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB), and $399 (64GB) all prices with contract.Preorders for the iPhone 5 will begin on Sept 14th and all orders will start shipping on the 21st.