Key Features Inside The iOS 6 Update

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Let me make one thing very clear about iOS 6,its not a must have upgrade that will make you want stop right in your tracks and download the operating system.But of course,the Apple mobile  devices owners will of course proceed with the upgrade anyway,why? Its simple,its  something brand new coming out of Apple.With that said,iOS 6 seems to be a very stable mobile OS with the exception of the Maps feature (more on the later),lets take a look at some main standout features inside iOS 6.

Facebook Integration

Just like what Apple have done with the iOS 5 update with Twitter integration now we're seeing it with iOS 6 with Facebook.You can now easily interact with your Facebook buddies without the need for an third party app.Easily enabling the ability to share photos straight from your smartphone and on to the famed social media platform.You can also add Facebook events to your Contact Calendar,adding friends or family members birthdays.Want to post your favorite song on Facebook? Now you can tell Facebook what particular songs or apps you like.

Siri on iOS 6

Siri on iOS 6 has more functionality and is not as limited as seen with iOS 5 ,if you'er a UK resident you are in luck,Siri can now do local searches and is not limited to just the US version features.Siri now has the ability to give you driving directions,it can tell you movie times and provide sports scores,launch applications,also much improved on iOS 6 version of Siri is text dictation.

The Phone

When calls come in on iOS 6 the user can now swipe up to access more options,no longer do you just have the option of just Answering or Declining calls,you can simply reply all calls with a custom iMessage or Text message, or set a reminder to call the person back.You can also set your reminders to the call the person back,such a feature can be time based or location based.


Arguably the most controversial feature in iOS 6,there's a barrage of complaints about Maps on Twitter that the feature is somewhat buggy.In my experience in using Maps,the feature was slow to load,but that could have been due in part that my network was crapping out on me at the time.Lets talk about Maps in detail,on iOS 6 it uses a data from Tom Tom which includes free live traffic information,this feature you would normally download as a standalone app.Apple has also integrated local and has Flyover View which offers a 3D model of cities.


Overall iOS 6 is the most stable mobile OS on market though there is isn't a lot of blown away features that'll wow you.Basically iOS 6 is a polished upgrade from iOS 5,probably the biggest improvement in iOS 6 is Siri is a well polished  voice command feature that is no longer limited.The biggest problematic feature in iOS 6 is Maps,Maps if you don't know by now is a  replacement of Google Maps.There are a wide range of complaints about Maps,from my experience with Maps the feature has a lagging load time and doesn't give an accurate turn by turn directions.Probably the biggest missing feature in maps is street view,an feature we all grown to love.If you can get by without using Maps,iOS 6 is a must have update.